July 6, 2019

"This place is awesome, I have struggle trying to find fresh/alive wax worms , dubia roaches and meal-worms , This place has them !! Super friendly environment and if you have a question/concern about your pet ,they will try to help you out . :D"
January 6, 2019

"Great place to get my beardie some worms and other gear. You get much more worms at a much cheaper price, plus they are always fresh and look a lot better than other pet stores."
October 17, 2018

"I got a tortoise here about a year ago and he was very healthy. He still is to this day with no health problems! They seem to know info about their pets. The bedding is always clean, no poop on it. I always see fresh food too. They pet sit VERY good and take very good care of your pet. I would highly recommend this place. <3"